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:00. >> japanese helicopter pilots dumped sea water on damaged nuclear reactors to try to prevent meltdowns as u.s. experts issue an a.m. now warning. >> good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. japanese helicopter pilots are trying to fight the meltdown. sea water is being dumped on to the spent fuel rods in order to reduce the radiation exposure. nuclear reactors need a constant source of cooling water. officials in japan hope the helicopter bucket brigade can keep the reactors from overheating while the plant operators scramble to install a power line and use electricity to restore the reactor's cooling systems. >>> now, less than an hour ago, word came that the united states will start evacuating americans from japan, including private citizens and the families of u.s. personnel. president obama informed japan's prime minister of the plans tonight. the obama administration is chartering aircraft to accommodate americans who want to leave. also today the chairman of the u.s. regulatory commission says radiation near the fukushima plant is extremely high and damage at one reac
addressed the nation monday night to clarify the purpose of the u.s. mission in libya. >> i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action. when our interests and values are at stake, we have a responsibility to act. that's what's happened in libya. >> reporter: the explanation comes more than a week after the u.s. military and a coalition of allies began military action to enforce the united nations backed no fly zone in the civil war torn country. president obama explained actions the united states has taken to protect the libyan people from the brutality of moammar gadhafi and u.s. policy going forward as nato takes control of the mission. >> we will deny the regime arms, cut off its supplies of cash, assist the opposition and work with other nations to hasten the day when gadhafi leaves power. >> reporter: both republicans and democrats have criticized the president's policy questioning the purpose, cost and possible consequences. the ranking republican on the senate armed services committee praised the president's remarks but said he didn't go far enou
. >> reporter: beheaded the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission's he said all of the cooling water was gone -- the head of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission said that all of the cooling water was gone from the spent fuel pool. >> i am deeply concerned that the nuclear plant situation is critical. >> reporter: people continue to stream out of the fukushima prefecture. what may have been is similar to the meltdown at 3-mile island. >> it is going to take days or maybe even weeks before we know. >> reporter: we have confirmed that u.s. department of energy experts are in japan right now and a that is tracking the radiation from the experts insist there is no risk to anyone in the u.s. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> secretary steven chu testified for several hours today looking into nuclear safety in the united states. two physicists from uc berkeley told the senators that the u.s. remains committed to nuclear power and will learn from the crisis in japan. >>> one lawmaker is calling for a seismic study. pg&e will renew its license even though it does not expire for 12 years. sam bl
was the only plane bound for the u.s. but after arriving at 7:20 p.m. the jet was removed to a remote area and all 357 people on board were searched. nothing out of the ordinary was found. >>> after years of drought, the reservoirs are full. perhaps twofold. i am consumer editor tom vacar. the state of the reservoirs, still ahead. >>> the report from los angeles and how elizabeth taylor help charities in the bay area. >>> another strong storm developing offshore. the impressive rainfall projections and when flood advisories will begin for parts of the bay area. >> in san francisco tonight a protest of u.s. military involvement in libya. they are opposed to a third u.s. more in a muslim country. the protest involved about 40 people and was outside the federal building. >>> robert gates said today the air assaults have essentially destroyed moammar gadhafi's force. they say the forces are pulling back from two key western cities. in the meantime three bay area house democrats have asked president obama to end the u.s. bombardment. california senator barbara boxer and sarah sisco today defend
coast, hawaii, alaska or u.s. territories in the pacific. let me repeat that. we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast, hawaii, alaska or u.s. territories in the pacific. >> the nuclear fall out is our top story tonight at 7:00. john is live in oakland hills where he has been gaging. >> reporter: whatever is coming into california will come from the pacific ocean. everyone we talked to seems concerned about the dangers from a radioactive plume. >> reporter: at oakland's fire station 1 the home of the city's office of emergency services the officials say the radiation from japan is not a threat to northern california. >> we see little or no threat to any health concerns or any direct harm to anybody in the bay area. >> and in downtown oakland it is hard to find anyone who was worried. >> i think it is inconsider at that people are taking the iodine tablets when we should send it over to japan. >> is there anything i need to do? anything i can do? no, nothing to do. >> reporter: one man expressed concern and doubts what the government here or japan is sayin
than 4% of all u.s. food imports. >>> scientists at uc berkeley and the epa say they are seeing trace amounts of radio active isotopes from the japanese nuclear incident here and in the bay area. researchers at uc berkeley believe the isotopes will decline in the next few days. >>> operators of the fukushima made progress today but also suffered set backs. tomorrow they hope to restart the cooling systems to the damaged reactors providing the pumps were not damaged by the tsunami. workers stopped working on the electrical system to pour water on the fuel rods. >>> executives of the tokyo electric power company went to shelters today and apologized to people for the nuclear plant leak. >>> and farther away from the nuclear complex, radiation levels dropped significant today. but officials added more foods to the list of tainted items. they say the amount of radiation is low and no longer an effect. >>> the work of burying the dead is under way in the north. a mass burial for 200 people, funeral homes and crematoriums have not been able to keep up. the city plans to hold burial ceremoni
missile destroyer as it lauren -- launched a missile. the u.s. and british navies launched 112 cruise missiles to take out libyan iads or integrated air device sites. >>> moammar gadhafi predominantly lives in tripoli and that's where the most robust iads are. but the no-fly zone that we want to enforce encompasses east and west so we went after that first wave. >> a spokesman claims the missile attacks killed civilians. >> those killed mostly martyrs, women, children and older people. >> libya will try to defend itself according to section 1 of the united nations charter. >> reporter: president obama, who authorized the attacks, said the u.s. was acting with european and arab allies to stop moammar gadhafi's assault on his own people. >> make no mistake, today we are part of a broad coalition. we are answering the calls of a threatened people. and we are acting in the interests of the united states and the world. >> the thousands of moammar gadhafi supporters gathered for a rally outside the leader's military camp in tripoli. it is believed they are trying to form a human shield to p
island. the u.s. navy repositioned the aircraft carrier u.s.s. ronald reading an farther away from the northern japan coast to avoid radiation expose you are. 17 members of the helicopter crew were exposed to about a month's worth of radiation after flying a relief mission. however, after scrubbing down with soap and water they were declared contamination free. >>> the nuclear disaster in japan is prompting concern about the concern of radiation fallout reaching the north coast of the united states. the california government has three radiation detecting situations one in sacramento, one in san jose, and one in san francisco. he got a look at the data they use to make sure we're safe. >> reporter: we're at the corner of van ness, in front of the bay area air quality management office, 7 stories above the street on the roof is the federal government's radiation detection device. 142 feet above sea level sits this device operated by the environmental protection agency's national air and radiation laboratory. radnet as it is called can detect minute changes in radiation levels across
are confirmed dead. and more than 17,440 other people are reported missing. >>> hundreds of u.s. military evacuees -- >> reporter: a long journey home to houston from japan for the hernandez. >> i didn't want the leave. >> reporter: these are hundreds of military families who decided they had to leave japan because of tsunami and ongoing concerns of radiation. >> they just said that the water is not good for infants and children. we're 40 miles away from toke yo. >> we just came back to make sure we're safe. >> 600 people flew into the u.s. its port of operation pacific passage. many left husbands behind. >> you never know what can happen. so for the kids, and my husband wanted to be at ease with us coming back home. >> reporter: not every military family that comes in from japan is stopping here at the u.s.o. office. but this place is busy enough that donations of food, supplies and money are badly needed. >> we're here to facility all these people from anything they need from food to use of computers to cell phones. just to get off their feet. >> reporter: this u.s.o center and dozens o
to air waves today and delivered a nationally televised address laying out his rationale for the u.s. involvement in the libyan civil war. and now we have more on the critics who say highly yeah and why now? >> reporter: the u.s. military is not the world's police force and will not engage in every crisis. but in the case of libya, he said conditions justified american military action. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: speaking at the national defense university in virginia, the president said that moammar gadhafi was about to lay siege to the rebel city of benghazi. that was the tipping point in deciding to launch the air strikes. >> some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. the united states of america is different. and as president, i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass gaves before taking action. >> reporter: and while condemning gadhafi, the president reiterated that u.s. ground forces will not invade libya because the costs will be too high. >> to be blunt we went down that road in iraq. >> reporter: after t
claim counteract radiation exposure. their pills contain iodine but many are fake. people in the u.s. do not need to buy those items. no harmful levels of radiation from japan have been detected here. >>> now, to developments in japan. a story of survival on this, the 8th day since a 9.0 earthquake started a devastating earthquake and tsunami. bulletin alerted us they pulled a survivor from his home. the man in his 20s was taken to a hospital. they reported that 6,911 people are confirmed dead. the officials raised the accident level at the crippled nuclear plant to level 5 on a 7 point scale. it puts it on par with the accident at pennsylvania 3-mile island. they are considering burying the reactors in sand and concrete. you will find continuing coverage on the crisis in japan with the latest developments at ktv including updated video and slide shows. >>> turning to another crisis overseas. the conflict in libya. president barack obama says the u.s. military will join the allies to enforce a no-fly zone over the nation. >> left unchecked wee have every reason to believe -- we hav
. the sheriff's department said they arrested seven other people on unrelated charges. >>> the u.s. unemployment rate fell in february to its lowest level in nearly 2 . the jobless rate is 8.9%. the u.s. economy gained 192,000 jobs last month. california gained jobs as well mostly in construction and manufacturing. employers say the labor market may have finally turned the corner. >> last month we saw a big up serge and now up about 50% over where we were last year. we're getting a lot of forward orders for two or three month frs now, and there is more confidence that they're letting us know ahead of time. >> california's next job reporte out in 2 weeks. >>> change might be coming to our wallet. a government watch dog agency is pushing for the u.s. to phase out $1 bills. reeta williams live where why the switch might put more money into the pockets of tax pairs. >> gasia, they say doing away we dollar bill and replacing it with coins could save uncle sam a lot of money. >> how do you feel about that? >> we're all for it. we would love to have the dollar bill go away. >> matt bowers says that the
to be having it easy in california while so many are having a difficult time there. the u.s. government is reaching out to help them return home. >>> on our website we have two tabs. one covering the devastation in japan and the other to focus on what is going on here at home. you can find them on >>> a bay area soldier has been killed in afghanistan. eric trueblood was from alameda. he died from wounds suffered when his united was attacked -- unit was attacked yesterday. he was assigned to a base in germany. >>> san francisco's district attorney is turning over allegations of police misconduct to federal authorities. the fbi and u.s. attorney general's office will handle the case with surveillance and testimony. he said he's doing it because of the scope of the resources needed for the investigation. jeff hidachi raised concerns about a conflict of interest. he was the police chief during a series of drug busts. there's doubt on police videos and testimony. 57 drug and robbery cases have been dismissed. >>> the nfl is one step closer to a work stoppage that could threaten the
significant 8 called it a victory. >>> u.s. war missiles hit targets in libya tonight and anti-aircraft shots were heard in tripoli. the libyan aircraft have been destroyed and coalition aircraft can fly with near impunity. we are seeing our first protests of u.s. military intervention in libya. the protestors are criticizing the hundreds of millions of dollars spent. heather? >> reporter: frank, the chorus of concern could be heard just hours ago here outside the san francisco federal building. >> humanitarian war instead of lives. >> u.s. bombs peace full countries. >> a no-fly zone over libya doesn't fly with these demonstrators. >> there is a debate going on in congress now over how many billions of dollars to cut out of social programs but always have money for the next war. >> reporter: the anti-wore protestors are the latest to criticize president obama for being too aggressive in dealing with moammar gadhafi. >> the president has promised that nato forces would take over military leadership of the u.n. operation within days. but that's not good enough for some. as u.s. and applied war
, channel 2 news. >>> the u.s. congress today pressed regulatory officials for answers on the safety of america's nuclear plants and their spent nuclear fuel rods. diane finestein said she recent live toured the canyon's power plant. she learned that spent fuel rods are stored in pools similar to those leaking radiation at the damaged japanese plant. one expert said that's common practice in the u.s. >> the pools are often housed in buildings with sheet metal siding like that in a storage shed. i have nothing against the quality of sears storage sheds but they are not suitable for nuclear waste storage. >> the head of the nuclear regulatory commission said at some u.s. plants spent rods are stored behind reinforced concrete walls. >>> a beautiful sunset after a warm day and temperatures near 90 tomorrow. our chief meteorologist bill martin has tomorrow's forecast in eight minutes. >> the storms are gone and the problems remain. coming up we will show you three homes suddenly sitting on the edge. [ music ] >> well she impressed the judges on . >>> in the south bay a 97-year- old woman
. u.s. marines arrived today at a military base in northern japan inland from the tsunami zone. they bought supplies for the people surviving with little food or water and cold temperatures. it has been difficult for relief workers to get to them because of the severe gas shortage and because so many roads were damaged. the police have put the number of confirmed dead at 7200. more than 110,000 others are missing. it is estimated 343 households don't have power and 262 after- shocks over magnitude 5. >>> the japanese government today raised a clarification or classification of the nuclear crisis from a level 4 to level 5. that means what is happening at the plant is equivalent to the three mile island accident in pennsylvania in 1979. and the consequences go beyond the immediate area. today crews sprayed water on the troubled japanese plant and this weekend they hope to connect an electrical cable so the cooling systems can be restored. if that fails, there is track of burying the plant in sand and concrete, which was done at chernobyl. now, here is inanimation of what might be
and the amount of time someone spends in an irradiated area. many people along the west coast of the u.s. are starting to expression concerns about radiation crossing the pacific. it's unlikely any significant amount will reach the bay area. the simple reason is, there are a million cubic miles of atmosphere between here and japan. >> i think we can measure radiation, if it comes out, but we won't be able to measure health effects. we won't be able to see them. >>> despite what the experts say, some people here in the bay area are still taking precautions. sal castaneda tells us about the iodine supplement they're buying, and how the prices have skyrocketed. >> reporter: as the news worsens about japan's damaged nuclear power plants, concern in the bay area has led people to buy up iodine supplements. the pills, also known as ki have been flying off the shelves. >> just to be on the safe side. because i only have half a thyroid anyway. i had half of my thyroid removed. if there is really some big kind of meltdown, i'm just worried that, you know, winds are blowing west, and it's a globa
on a heated hearing about u.s. muslims and harrison. they went ahead with a hearing despite threatening phone calls. >> to back down would be an abdication of what i believe is the main responsibility of this committee to protect america. >> peter king led a hearing about threats and called a father to testify about how his son converted to islam and was lured to a terrorist training camp in yemen. >> our children are in danger. this country must stand up and do something about the problems. >> they say it was fueling islamaphobia and fueling a war with islam. >> this is playing into al qaeda around the world. >> they accused king of scapegoating and stereotyping muslim americans and sobbed as he talked about a muslim american paramedic killed in the terrorist attacks. >> it was only when his remains were identified that these lies were exposed. >> congressman team said it is worthwhile and he says he will hold more hearings about the battle cassation of american muslims in -- about american muslims in the future. >>> peter king presented a flyer which was posted on the website for the bay ar
to the conflict in libya to the president says it is u.s. policy that moammar gadhafi has got to go. they want to protect civilians and other allied countries will be taking over enforcement of the no-fly zone. >> let me emphasize that we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of days and not a matter of weeks. >> his comments came in chile, as the u.s. and great britain continue strikes aimed at controlling libya's airspace. >>> nancy pelosi made a brief visit to a hospital in rome, italy. she had a long flight from afghanistan and did not feel well. pelosi underwent some medical tests and then spends time at her hotel. pelosi is enrolled as part of the congressional delegation to mark the 150th anniversary of the unification of italy. >>> boats break free of their moorings in the north bay. find out who is stuck with the tab. >>> at&t desperately needs a whole lot more bandwidth and with t-mobile it is getting it all in one sweep. >>> i will tell you when the rain will return and where it is raining now. >> a collision between a big rig and a muni light rail car injured six peo
on same-sex marriage should the case return to u.s. district court. the federal course new chief judge james ware replaces judge von walker. judge walker retired from the court last month and returned to private practice. you will recall he declared proposition eighth unconstitutional last friday. ktvu has obtained exclusive video of another san francisco police bust and it named some of the same officers named in a misconduct probe. it's a story you will see only on two. >> ktvu today obtained this new year's eve surveillance video in which san francisco plain clothes police officers kick in the door at a hotel and arrest a man for possession of crack cocaine. >> it appears that they altered the facts in the report in order to appear as if they lawfully sized the item. >> reporter: the public defenders office claim that officers illegally searched the room. two of the officers involved are under investigation for perjury and misconduct in two similar cases. it is the -- this those videos six plain clothes police officers enter two south of market apartments without consent and cover
malitias have set up roadblocks. the american policy is clear says president obama. >> it is u.s. policy that gadhafi needs to go. and we've got a wide range of tools in addition to our military efforts to support that policy. >> the u.s. general in charge of the assault insisted there is no attempt to provide cover for the rebels. >>> four new york time journalists were freed today. the journalists were released into the custody of the turkish ambassador. the four said they were threatened with death when they were first captured. >>> we're tracking a few showers, mainly in the south bay. but we have more significant rain headed your way. i'll tell you when that happens. >>> more evidence of weather, >>> new at 10:00, a vote in santa clara to start spending money on a new stadium for the 49ers before the money disappears. ktvu's heather holmes has more on today's special meeting. where the city council decided the fate of billions of the dollars. >> reporter: hand off is what essentially the council told the state. their vote is on the one and only item on the agenda an agreement to sp
now of coordinating what the u.s. can provide and what's needed. a short time ago the head of international atomic agency for the japan crisis is extremely serious and requires international cooperation. >>> hundreds of people boarded buses to get to hundai about 60 miles from the nuclear plants. large sections of that area were damaged now some people fear radiation. some people don't believe the government's assurances about radiation. >>> and many people are leaving japan, but tonight we meet a pilot who is staying in japan. >> my wife is at home along with our two children. >> reporter: daper says after last week's earthquake his wife was afraid to stay in japan. so on wednesday, lewis' wife and kids boarded a plane. >> it was hard to get food. there were thoughts of power outages and so forth. it just became a more prudent decision to sent them back. >> reporter: dapper stayed behind. the california native is a pilot. dapper feels it's his duty, a public service to help keep the airplanes flying in this crisis to help people get to safer areas. >> i have a job to do. t
- term deficit. >>> one of the largest u.s. anti-trust investigations has resulted in fines and even jail sentences for more than 20 incident national airlines and their executives. investigators found a paper trail laying out agreements since 2,000 to set passengers and cargo surcharges. convicted airlines include british airways, korean air and air france klm. they admitted wrongdoing. several asian airlines are also named in related consumer lawsuits. no major u.s. carriers have been charged. >>> government health officials tonightare warning mothers to- be about the potential dangers of painkillers. researchers have found the use of prescription strength codeine in the early stages of pregnancy doubles the risk of having a child born with a heart defect. the c -- cdc says there needs to be more research done on women with pregnancy. doctors should talk to their pregnant patients about the strategy. >>> it claims like a house fire claimed the beloved pet. when long beach firefighters entered the home that was filled with smoke on thursday they found the month(s) agoless body of a 10-ye
of the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office. the allegations stem from surveillance videos that appear to show a total of eight police officers conducting illegal searches. district attorney george gascone said yesterday new information indicates it is better if the fbi takes over but he did not reveal what that new information is. >> caltrans announced today two men have been arrested in a brutal attack at the redwood city station. a 47-year-old san jose man was beaten and stabbed last saturday night. he remains in critical condition. the two are walker and furman both from redwood city. authorities say as many as 15 people took part in that attack. >>> the highway patrol is recommending a windsor high school student who jumped off the golden gate bridge yesterday face trespassing charges. the 17-year-old survived. he landed in the water next to a group of surfers. and one of those surfers told our crew that the teen said he jumped for fun. he was at the bridge as part of a school field trip. >>> california is being sued by a company that was poised to buy 11 state buildings. california first
will be in arizona on the 17th. >>> u.s. defense secretary robert gates visited afghanistan today saying the u.s. is on track to begin reducing forces there this summer but also indicated a willingness to keep the troops in afghanistan after the planned end to fighting in 2014. >>> 2 weeks before the jury selection is set to begin, barry bonds lost a legal round in his perjury case. a judge ruled that several current and former baseball players will be able to testify that his personal trainer provided them with performance- enhancing drugs. lawyers for bonds said since anderson has refused to testify he cannot corroborate the players' testimony. >>> a 47-year-old man is hospitalized but is said to be improve afghanistan a vicious beating at a cal train -- improving. after a vicious beating at a cal train station. the victim is in critical condition and his family asked his name not be released. >>> to san francisco where prosecutors decided they will not charge woman with murder. 58-year-old tonya reigns and edwardhawk was arrested on suspicious of burglary. the owner, magneson was shot, but th
. >> reporter: 250 people, mostly women and children stepped on u.s. soil this afternoon following a harrowing 11 days in japan. >> i was actually more concerned with the radiation than the earthquake. >> reporter: that was a common threads among the passengers who have some connection with the department of defense. this woman and her son lived 25 miles south of tokyo peachey says the quake was scary and the unknowns about radiation were just as bad. >> the wind and how the plane was coming. today there was a chance at a coming over our bay. >> reporter: maureen is a teacher and she says most of her students have left japan. >> it was something that was on their mind all the time. they wanted to write about it, talk about it. they were scared. >> reporter: 100 members volunteered to carry their luggage, children, and welcome them home. >> these people are ready to get back home. they are tired. they need somebody to help them. >> reporter: with all of these planes, they will land here at travis air force base. the expects to receive two flights a day for the next week. ken pritchett, ktvu cha
. >> they say there is no concern that radiation from japan will drift into the u.s. but that has not stopped people from trying to stock up on potassium iodide. children are most at risk. it does not protect other organs. pharmacies and other suppliers say they are sold out. in just a few minutes we will have a complete report including an agency in the bay area. jana katsuyama is in tokyo right now. she was talking to her newsroom earlier when a 6.1 earthquake rocks japan. >> the computer started swaying back and forth. the whole room was moving could we have an aftershock which really felt big. it is difficult to relax because you never know when another will be coming. >> you can read jana's blog on our website at >>> each day we see more stunning images. a photographer took this picture of a house floating several miles two days after the earthquake and tsunami struck. this was taken from a navy helicopter searching for survivors. >> the defense department released this video at an airbase in northern japan. military personnel were taking cover. the tsunami devastated a large
.com. >>> president obama will spare no effort in investigating an attack that left two u.s. airmen dead and two other members injured. they were boarding a bus to go to the frankfurt airport and a suspect was taken into custody and is identified as a 21-year- old man from coast to vote who grew up in germany. >>> federal regulators announced a crackdown on get rich quick schemes. the federal trade commission says it has filed 90 actions against companies that offer training or business schemes that do not pay off. they call it operation auntie products because they are using high-pressure tactics to pray -- empty products because they are using high-pressure tactics to prey on those out of work. >>> the private sector added 217,000 jobs last month, while above the 180,000 predicted by economists. the labor department will release new numbers on friday. >>> onto wall street where that news helped offset another spike in oil prices. the dow gained 8 points and the nasdaq rose by 10. >>> steve jobs made a surprise appearance today in san francisco to unveil apple's new ipad 2. >> the crowd gave him a st
of 2011. opponents note it fails to mention tax extension. >>> the u.s. supreme court upheld the right of a tiny anti- gay church to hold protests that many people find reprehensible. ktvu's rita williams with the group that holds military funerals. >> it gives me a place to come sit and think about the boys. >> reporter: the boys she think about is her son lieutenant ken ball lard 26 when killed in iraq almost seven years ago. >> ken was my onlied child. >> reporter: he is buried at arlington national cemetery. when she has visited she has encountered these anti-gay protestors from a kansas church. ♪ you are going straight to hell ♪ >> today the u.s. supreme court in an 8-1 ruling say they had the right to protest near military funerals spreading their belief that soldiers are dying because god is punishing the country for "the sin of homosexuality." the court said however the speech is protected by the first amendment. >> having your feelings hurt over words is not enough to shut up a speech. >> reporter: the father of schneider killed in iraq sued the church when it inning picke
they are correctly reporting the conclueses. >> japan asked the u.s. for help dealing with multiple reactors at multiple locations. obmonday another hydrogen explosion sent a gray cloud into the sky and forces hundreds to flee. >> i was told the plant was safe from tsunamis. >> reporter: those assuranced washed away. four days later new home video shows the wall of water devouring everything in its path. >> i saw the water and i ran. the water was chasing me like that. >> when the tsunami came i thought i was going to die but we did what we could together. we had no power for two days and we were really concerned. >> reporter: while the threat of earthquakes still exist, finding food can be difficult. electricity, communications intermittent and gas lines miles long. >>> the latest explosion that plant -- only 50-gallons of water per minute are needed to cool the reactor. something is going wrong. it overeats even after three days of cooling. >> if i had to guess, maybe it's a 10% chance of it happening. something like that. >> what could produce a significant radiation hazards, 200,000 peop
's proceedings, hall said he wish he was the one that died in that 2009 crash. >>> u.s. supreme court today heard arguments in a sex discrimination case against wal- mart that originated with two bay area women. supporters of women's rights rallied in washington, d.c. in support of plaintiff betty duke. they say wal-mart and its sam club stores routinely paid women less than men and awarded promotions to men rather than women. >> we have filed a lawsuit since 2001. i have heard from numerous women telling me basically the same story as mine. >> reporter: today the supreme court heard arguments about whether the case should go forward as a class action lawsuit that could involve more than 1 million women. if it does proceed it would be the largest such case in history. wal-mart denies the allegations. >>> levi strauss has agreed to pay $1 million of back wages to almost 600 employees. the company had misclassified workers as exempt from over time. workers were required to work off the clock late at night or early in the morning. a levi strauss spokeswoman called the rules complex. >>> baseball's g
presidency. >> dr. davidson -- he has previous experience at the schools in the u.s. as well as england chevron latin america. >> we have a lot way to go and i think that requires to put it nicely some reform of the institution. >> phil says information technology on campus is one of the issues he would wac -- tackle as president. >> the accounting systems are our cane compared to the kind of things that chevron had. >> the members of the associated -- had been involved in the bidding process from the start. >> we -- in the state of c. we give opportunities for everybody to go to school. and i think a president what we need is we need business committed to that. >> all three candidates have very strong business experience. >> a committee of csu trustee's will ultimately decide which candidate will get the position. >> they know the system very well. so that means to say if any one of them have been hired. that means you have continuity here. >> the candidates have been narrowed down. who's joined in retirement for phil whit more after he left, back
is sponsored by san jose police, the das office, and the u.s. department of justice. >>> a lunchtime fire gutted a boat at the marina today. it broke out just before noon. smoke bellowed from the burning boat. no one was on board the vessel at the time. no other buildings were damaged. what caused the fire is still under investigation. >>> now to the san francisco sunset district where police evacuated an apartment building. the fire started around 3:30 a.m. when somebody left a stove on. people had to be treated for smoke and elation. residents were allowed back in the building just before 5:00 a.m. >>> california's three year drought is over. hydrologists conducted their final snow survey of the year. it is at a robust 154% of average for this time of year. >> the most recent time that we had this much snow on the ground would have been 1995. >> as for the reservoirs and lakes, lake shasta is at 91%. they would contain even more water but officials have made releases to ease flood danger. >>> the snow is so deep into sierras they had to pull out a rarely used piece of equipment. it is a
's no agreement in site. the u.s. district court rules in favor of the players. the judge shows that the nfl undertook contract renegotiations to advance its own interest in harmony of the players. >> i know a lot of people who will be disappointed if they don't have fantasy football league coming up. >> i guess we have to keep your fingers crossed. >> and that it for sports, guys. >> and that does it for "update news." thanks for staying up late with us. find us by searching our website. we won't be here next week because of a building maintenance issue. that's all you need to know about it. get rest and we'll see you in two weeks.
into islamic while cassation in the u.s. and the director for. >> .co chapter told us that hearing is counterproductive focusing only on muslims -- for counter production chapter told us that the hearing is counterproductive focusing only on muslims. >>> the price of oil was $0.50 lower but it is above $104 a barrel. economists fear that fuel costs may be a drag on economic recovery. the dow industrial lost one point and the nasdaq dropped by 14. since one year ago, the dow has risen 87%. so many individual investors say they have not seen gains in their accounts since the market bottom. >> it has not done well. we have not lost a great deal. i would say about the same i think, which i guess it's all right. >> some investors sold money after the crash and missed out on the upside. as to whether the gold market will continue, major indexes are below their 2007 highs. >>> more than a dozen companies issued a pledge to hire 100,000 military veterans during the next decade. they have a short-term goal to offer 20,000 jobs by the end of next year. the state unemployment among veterans i
for >>> more now on the breaking news, this is just in from the u.s. geological service. the japan quake has just been up grated to upgraded to 8.8. that is now considered a great quake. one aftershock measured 7.4. these are pictures of the situation there in japan. this quake happened off the north eastern coast. a little more than 200 miles away from tokyo. if you look across the middle of screen. we have seen running water carrying what appears to be lots of debris, in some cases large pieces of debris. the tsunami has hit the north eastern coast of japan. there are reports of houses, cars, trucks, buildings being drifted away from the scene. you can see it is carrying away a lot of degree. there are reports of at least one building on fire. a lot of buildings buildings in tokyo shaking. the lights inside a building really swinging back and forth. again, the classification of this earthquake, the breaking news right now it is just been upgraded to a magnitude 8.8. that's just about as bad as it gets. that is considered a great quake under the earthquake classifications. we're continuin
. >> we've seen the people of libya take a courageous stand against a regime. >> reporter: u.s. officials say there have been no reports of civilian casualties. but today, the head of the arab league criticized the international mission saying the strikes have gone beyond what the league support. >> what we want is the safety of civilians. civilians, not more deaths. >>> meantime prices at the pump continue to climb as the tensions continue in the middle east and north africa. a survey released today says a gallon of gas jumped 4%. the average price of gas nationwide is $3.57. that's 76 higher than it was a year ago. san francisco once again has one of the highest prices in the nation at 4:02 a gallon. in san jose it's three 3.98. >>> a a portion of the south harbor was reopened today. the rough weather caused officials to close it later in the day. >>> an update on the current situation in japan. including a new staggering death total. >>> and team mobile will be bought out by at&t. the deal would reduce the amount of national carriers from four to three. the purchase would give at&t
. >> thank you, bill. >>> u.s. pediatricians are calling on lawmakers to make it illegal for children under 18 to use tanning salons. the american academy of pediatricians says a national survey found that almost a quarter of white teenagers between 13 and 19 had used a tanning facility at least one. some studies suggest the risk of melanoma is 74% higher for people who use tanning beds frequently. older teens can in california with parental >>> an exclusive east bay golf club is inviting you to hit the links for a good cause. they opened its historic course to the general public again today to raise money for the first tee of oakland. the organization helps at-risk kids learn life skills through golf. the course is also opened to public for the next two mondays. they will donate $20 to the first tee for each person who plays. >>> mark ibaÑez joins us now, sharks and warriors off tonight, so we're going to find out what's happening in spring baseball. >> down in arizona you know. it won't be long before the tedium of spring training sets in but for now, exhibition games giving baseball fan
weeks. >>> the pentagon has mobilized tens of thousands of u.s. military personnel to aid in the relief efforts in japan. the aircraft carrier uss round regan is off the japanese coast acting as a refueling base for the japanese helicopters. the marines and other service members are working with the japanese military to carry out search and rescue on the ground. >> the horrific images coming out of japan are having an impact on people thousands of miles away. as ktvu's mike mibach reports, many people here in the bay area are taking action should a monster quake hit here. >> the garage is separate structure. >> reporter: his name is rob adams. his passion. >> this is an la mopar 360. >> reporter: ay 74 dodge. >> my favorite one won the world championship. >> reporter: tucked away in his family's garage. >> utility cords and kleenex. >> reporter: an earthquake kit not just one but two that adams keeps inside his car. >> i feel like people it will shake and there will be some damage and i will just go to the store. people need to think really hard about being prepared. >> reporter: the a
. the gao says that would save the u.s. government $5.5 billion over 30 years because the life of a coin is three decades. $1 is just a year and a half. >> i would use them. and i think it's a good idea if you can save money. >> but most folks we talked with do not want to see the dollar bill become extinct. >> having all of that change in your pocket is just probably a lot of weight. >> i wouldn't like that as a merchant. i don't think anybody would. >> the owner of oakland sierra deli says although cash register drawers have now been converted for the $1 coins they take up a lot more room than the good old greenback. don't expect changes any time soon. attempts to do away with the dollar have been tried before and failed. in oakland rita william, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> come monday, dog owners plan to protest a proposal to require their pets to be on a leash. the national park service wants to reduce the number of places in the golden gate national recreation area where dogs can go off leash. one of the organizers said there are already very few places where dogs can run free. they p
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